Thursday, 30 July 2015

writing sample

I'm 30.7.15
Walt to learn how to make a costume 
i like my monster foot because i worked hard and here is how i made it
First I cut out a square shape and covered it in green paper so it looked like it was a real monster foot
Then I made a round cube that's going to be the leg of the monster and rapped it in black paper so it looked like its wearing pants like frankistighn and then I started to draw stichs and lighting strikes and then I cut out black triangles as the claws and when they were dry I drawled on pink lines as some  toe jam and  that s how I made it.

20.8.15 week 5

We are getting ready for our production by writing all the things we need for our costumes on this design book that has 4 pages the first page is for planning our costumes and what it's about. The 2sec
Page is drawing what is on our costumes and telling them what is going to be on it.3thir we had to draw the main part of our costume and write all the details that are going to be on it.and the last page is you have to write all the things you will need and the actual plan like what will be doing on week1
Week 2.I feel excited because I think my picture costume is going well and I'm am now ready for my real costume.i think that my top is going a bit rong because it doesn't have enough detail. I think that mostly the pants would be the best thing so far because that is the first thing that I'm going to be making and it is quite easy to make.


On Friday the 21 August we started making materials for our costumes.I think that I made a mistake on when I was cutting out my round shapes because I now have to paint them and there quite small I should have painted the long shape before I cut them pleased that I was able to cut every shape I needed out because I thought I wouldn't get the cutting done but I did and there was like about 100 long shapes.i feel nervous because I keep thinking that I'm not going to get my costume done.i know that i will need to some painting because I only got half of my painting job done last Friday.I think that I should change what I'm using to glue my feathers on because I was gonna use 
A glue stick to them on but then I thought that the hot glue gun would hold it on much easier.i think that my plan is going well because nothing really is going rong.

10.9.15 week 9
Here is my costume (top) 
14.9.15 week 10

This is my top for the production.i used plastic cardboard stuff to make the little feathers on my
Tummy .I used smooth cardboard for the big feathers  on my arm and painted them pants for the show I am still working on .my pants are going to be green and all the stuff in the forest .Here is my original plan for my costume 
 Here is my what I need list we made this so  we 
Know what we need
16.9.15 week 10

Here is my finished costume 
My story about my costume is how it feels to be 
                                                                                   A owl flying in the forest