Thursday, 24 March 2016

Camp writing

Description: in potama we did our camp writing.We had 3 choices on what kind of
writing we are doing Entertain,persuad and inform.I chose entertain because I had 
quite a lot of embarrassing moments from camp and entertain is all about embarrassing 
and funny. I decided to call my title camp gone wrong because what I was writing about 
went wrong. 

Here is my story

Camp gone wrong?

I had just come back from the waterslide. I felt like having a shower,
So I went to my cabin and I got my toilet bag and pjs ready, since I felt like 
hoping into pjs. So I headed to the girls bathroom to take a shower 
I turned the shower on it was warm, just like juice left on a table for a hour.

Anyway so I put some shampoo in my hair I went under the shower. 
The shower was as hot as the sun could ever be! I tried turning it down to what
It was before, but all it did was turn off. So I jumped out of the shower to 
get dressed but... I LEFT MY TOWEL BEHIND! I started to panic 
but just then one of the other girls came out of the shower it was my
friend  Nikita. I asked if I could use her towel she said "yes" so I dried 
myself and put my pjs on then looked in the mirror there was piles 
of shampoo in my hair. I squeezed some of the shapoo out but most of it stayed in my hair.

There was nothing else I could do so I headed straight to my cabin.
Hannah saw me, she said two things, "what happened to your hair?" and "you
should  probably hop out of your pjs because were going to the 
bomb-fire were all the horse poo is." After the bomb fire we went to
bed. Yawn! It was the next day I got dressed I thought a French plat
would look nice with outfit so I asked Hannah if she could do my hair.
She said "of course", so I got my hairbrush and sat in front of Hannah 
but she wasn't brushing my hair I turned around to see what she was

She was staring at my head I asked "what's wrong? your hair is white!!!
and even worse there's bubbles!" Everyone in my cabin laughed and
laughed and laughed but I keeped on thinking Camp gone wrong.

Feedback and feedforward: Very good story Ruby, how funny that you forgot your towel. Next time you could try and put some more juicy words so the reader can get hooked in. - Hannah G

Evaluation: I think I did well on making sure I had actually entertained the reader by
Making it funny and exciting.Next time I'm going to challenge myself with something
new like persuasive writing. 

Friday, 18 March 2016


Description:in potama for tēreo māori we have been making a family tree with all the people we now
that are family to us. 

Big idea: we did this so we can look back at it see all the family we have got.

   Feedback and feed forward:I like how your photo is really clear the can read who is on your family tree.maybe next time put more information on your poster.Charlotte w.

Evaluation: I think I did well on getting it done because I did about 3 time I'm am going 
to challenge myself with more information on.

Monday, 14 March 2016

2016 camp diary portfolio

Description: last week we went on camp at El Rancho in Waikani.when we arrived at el rancho 
we checked out our cabins and sorted out were we are going to sleep. After that we started 
our activities there were 10 activities that we got to do pool,archery,mini golf,water slide,rifles,
team initiative,low ropes,kayaks,rafts and favourite activities were water slide and
Archery.then it was dinner time we had nachos it was yum.Then we went to our cabins to go
to bed.When we woke up in the morning we got dressed and went to the dining room for breakfast 
we had 4 choices porridge,toast,yogurt or cereal.I chose toast.After breakfast we went to our next 
activities I did mini golf the water slide and rifles then we had was corn dogs with salad 
then we carried on with our activities.then it was dinner time we have sausages then we had free
time so we could wait for it to go dark for the bomb fire and s'mores.After that we had a game 
of spotlight and then we went to sleep.
Feedback feedfoward: I think you were great explaining what you did at camp! Next time you could put a little more detail into it. Charlotte 



Friday, 4 March 2016

My one word

Description: on Monday the 29 of February we made art of
Ourselves holding our one word on a sign.our one word is 
A word that we will strive for our learning all word is
explore I chose this word so I can get enspirerd in my learning.
first Elly took a Photo of us pretending that we were holding a real sign.then we
Measured how long and wide our word needs to be.Then we 
started practicing cool ways to do our word in.After we have 
chosen our design for our word we got a piece of tough paper 
and we ruled down our measurements and got to design 
Mostly was rainbows.For the background I did a line of 
A rainbow and for the font of my one word I did block letters 
And some very skinny letters in a the block letters 
I put patterns in rainbow colours.After we had finished our 
one word we glued it down onto our photo of us pretending to 
Hold a sign.Then Nic Elly and Troy put our photos on the wall.


Feedback and feedfoorwed: i like how you made it easy to read but the x is hard to see but
apart from that it is good.- Maya.

Evaluation: I think I did well on the colour bit but I needed more work 
On the skinny letters so they are easier to read.Next time I'm going 
To challenge myself to something harder.

My goals for camp

Description: today we decided our camp goals for camp 
next of our goals have our personal goal and
the other goal is our action goal.