Monday, 30 May 2016

Reading workshop

Description: today in our reading workshop we were talking about what types of answers 
we can use to figure out some questions about earth. Here are the types of answers we used.
Right there,think and search,Author and me and lucky last by myself.

Feedback: NICE WORK YOU DID A REALLY GOOD JOB with all your questions you did.Hannah p

Evaluation: I think I did well on thinking of questions that could have the right answers.
Next time I'm going to challenge myself by thinking of more interesting questions.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Seed to table

Description:for seed to table we made all different kinds of foods and ate them.1 week we made pumpkin soup with home made bread and for desert we had fejoa muffins and cinnamon scones.
2 week we made corn fritters with potatoe chips and kale chips and for desert we made apple crumble.week 3 we made pasta with meat balls and for desert we had chocolate pudding.

Evaluation: I think I did well on making the home made bread because I made nice and flat and made
it so that it lots of flour on it.Next time I'm going to challenge myself by cooking something.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

2 little x's and hey come check this out

Description: today we did some art on we're we have to turn two little x's into something 


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Practice handwriting

Description: today we practiced our handwriting by getting a poem and writing it down fast
accurate and legible. It had to be done under 5 minutes so it can be fast and thought about 
what we were doing so we can make sure we put the details in.


Monday, 16 May 2016


Description: today at my reading workshop we talked about skimming. Skimming is when you
Don't read the whole book you only read the interesting parts.


Thursday, 12 May 2016

Spelling city

Description: if you're wondering how we practice our spelling then here is the answer... Spelling city!
Spelling city is we're you can play activities that help you with spelling for example you can play mouse
man which Is the same as hangman and one of my favourites is alphabetise which is when they give
a bunch of random words and you have to sort them out in alphabetical order.

Image: here is a screen shot of alphabetise 
Practicing spelling in think book

Monday, 9 May 2016

Seed 2 table

Description: last week on Friday the 5 May we did seed to table.we made pumpkin soup with flat
bread for lunch and for desert we had cinnamon rolls and fejoa favourite was the
fejoa muffins because I am so used to fejoas.

Image: Here is a photo of one of the tables at Seed 2 Table.


300 essential words

Description: on my spelling test we did 300 essential words. Most of them were our every 
day words like ... The,and,also and all those kind of words. On my first page I got 2-150 wrong 
but on the next spelling page which was a little harder I go 15-150. So all together I got 17 out 
of 300 spelling words.

Image: this is my tests 


Description: This is the of poem that we got given to see how much we can get done in 5  minutes.
We had to make it-accurate,legible and fast. 

Friday, 6 May 2016

Beautiful oops

Description: in potama 5 May we did some beautiful oops art. Basically how it works is
that we get into a pair and we both got some paper.Then we both draw a scribble of
anything on the other persons paper and then we get our paper back and turn our 
scribble into something out of the box.

Image:my buddy was Libby and she drew this ...
But I turned it into a ...

Feed back: I like that you made it nice and bright with the colours.Rosie
Feed forward: don't have any.Rosie

Evaluation: I think my idea of a dinosaur was very creative because dinosaurs are not
something you see everyday.Next time I'm going to challenge myself with a different 
Buddy so that they can give me a challenging scribble.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

My maths diary

I 2 May 2016:

Working out division problems
3 May 2016: 

Fraction word problem
4 May 2016:
Practicing fractions 
5 May 2016:
Practicing fractions 
  Looking at fractions to see what they are
Turning things into shapes and halfing them 
Word problems 
Adding numbers to iqasions and taking them away at the end to reveal the answers
Mixles fraction word problem 
My maths knowledge test
Last week we did a knowledge maths test here are my results.
My score was 64:100 and happy with that because it's a big improvement to my score from term 1
term one score 42:100

Today we made patterns that continued.
Pizza fractions

Here is a quick equation of pizza maths.

Feedback:I like how you had a little reflection on each piece of you do. 
Feedforward:next time add some more information.Charlotte h

Evaluation:the most thing I enjoyed was doing my maths test because it's just a nice peaceful 
Time to sit down and figure out maths questions.Next time I'm going to challenge myself by 
putting in more information about my math.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Buddy art

Description: in term one we did some buddy art with our buddy's. how the art works is that we each got a little square that has a picture of a something on it.Then we traced the picture on a big square with light pencil.After that we used paint,dye and lots of other things to colour 

Image: here is what it looks like. For mine I used collage dye water paint and pencil.

Evaluation: my expectations were getting it done in time 
And working time I'm going to challenge 
Myself by making my art stand out more by using more 
Exciting equipment.