Monday, 25 July 2016

Discovery reflection

Description:today we started discovery which is when we do a bunch of activities we have never done.
So today I tried sewing and here is the finished results.

 Week 2
Today in discovery I whole bunch of activities like stilts,finger knitting,building,pogo sticks and braking
things up to discover.My favourite activity was stilts and building I found the stilts my favourite because 
I used to go on them all the time last year in room 7 (which used to be the circus class).And building because I got inspired by the block and me and Libby pretended to be Emma and Courtney.I found the pogo sticks hard because it was a little hard to keep my balance.I learnt that when ever your building you have to were safety glasses so wood chips don't get in your eyes.I am looking forward to next week.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Weather experiment

Description:in Troy's class for science me and Hannah p made a video of us trying to stick a balloon on the wall using a balloon,wool and a wall.Here is how it works⬇️

Monday, 4 July 2016

Sports start

Description: this term we did sports start.what sport start is is when we go outside and do a bunch of
sports activities.One of my favourites is bat and ball which is exactly the same as cricket and we all have turns at batting and fielding.Here is a video of me and Emma doing a sports activitie.

Feedback: I like that you caught the ring with your arm instead of your hand.
Feed forward: next time buddy up with someone more challengingšŸ˜˜-Gabby

Evaluation:I enjoyed playing gate ways because it's a really fun game to play.
Next time I'm going to challenge myself by pairing up with a more challenging