Thursday, 22 September 2016

Maths challenge

Description:So this term we had a focus on we did a money challenge.were we had to make  a climeing box out of 4-4 timber mdf and strap nails.


Taking risk with Bella

Description: So today Bellam came up to me (Ruby) Rosie,Zoey and Maya and took us on a risk test.
What we had to do was put what the most risky thing to do on a scale of 1-7.I put solving a very hard
maths problem as my riskys challenge because I normally work in a group at maths but when I'm alone
and I'm doing a maths post I just give everyone the silent treatment.


Thursday, 15 September 2016

Calendar art

Description:for calender art whe did some quilt art with Suzanne.Whe had to paint lots of fun textures
And cut them out with this special template We had to make sure we cut them out perfectly so the can fit on our is how it turned out.


Feedback:I really like the your class did different art then the rest of poutama.
Feedforward:Next time you can try doing a different pattern.-Zoey

Evaluation:I enjoyed making this art because it was a really peaceful kind of art.
Next time going to challenge myself by using a harder pattern.

Monday, 5 September 2016

E Te rēo

Description: this term for e Te rēo we have a focus on whakataokis.A whakataokis is a proverb basically a quote but called a whakataoki.The whakataoki we is he aha Te mea nui o Te ao he tangata 
he tangata he tangata.

Feed back: I like your drawing, I think it looks really cool and I love the smile.😋
Feed forward: next time you could put a little more detail in. - Rosie😋🦄🐱

Evaluation:I enjoyed making my person because I haven't done a self portrait in ages.
Next time I'm going to add more details.


Description:for writing we are focusing on sentences. One of types of sentences is a simple sentence.A simple sentence is when you have subject and a verb. A verb is a doing word for example ran. A subject is the person or animal or whatever thing that is doing the doing word.The 2nd type of sentence is a complex sentence.A complex sentence is when joining word from fan boys example↩️


evaluation:the thing I enjoy the most about writing this term is that we
got to practice our sentences.Next time I'm going to challenge myself 
by thinking of descriptive words.