Thursday, 24 November 2016

Athletics day

Description:yesterday we had Athletics day. We did the normal 8 actives which were javalin,long jump, 800 meters , high jump, hurdles,discus ,shot poot and relays. The most enjoyable part was Getting into top 5 in high jump because high jump is my favourite athletics  activitie. I am proud of myself for doing the 800 meter sprints and coming in the top most challenging part of the day was passing 4 people at the end of 800 meter goal for next years athletics is to push myself in everything I do.


Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Description: this term for maths we practiced surveys. You probably think what dose Surveys have to do with maths well you are right what does it have to do with maths Well it's not about making the surveys all the will start to come in when you are adding up everything enjoy my slide.


book budies

description: this term we carried on book buddies. if you don't know what book buddies is your going to have to look at my last terms book buddies post so if you don't know leave this post and look for the other. my book buddy is Atlanta (just like last time) and my coach is Elly. here is my book buddies slide so you can find out more.


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Te rēo

description:in tē rēo me and Rosie made a māori puppet pal script for market day. This was helpful to us by greeting all of the people who came to our stall and it also made it helpful to speak to other people in māori.Here is our puppet pal.

Puppet pal: 

Advertising writing

Can Description: this term for writing we practiced advertising. If you don't know why we are practicing advertising at this time of it's because market day finally coming.So me and Rosie made an add about a little box that has everything in it.our add had to have juicy words the were eye catching and great deals that would pull everybody in.


Feed back : I liked how you made eye catching by having amazing deals - 
Feedfoward : next time challenge yourself by selling something more unsellable - Libby

Evaluation:I enjoyed  

Monday, 14 November 2016

market day

Description:last Friday we a amazing was market day. If you are not sure what market day is it is when we have a twenty dollar budget and spend it wisely on matirial that is encluding in our is our slide full of prep.